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Root Cause Nutrition provides individualized health and nutrition counseling using a holistic approach. Through assessments and analysis, Root Cause Nutrition seeks to discover not only WHAT is happening in your body, but WHY it is happening. By finding the root cause of your health issues, it is possible to take corrective actions and restore you to optimal health. 



Susan M.

"My doctor told me my chronic laryngitis was due to acid reflux, but it never improved with standard treatment. Tina suggested we test for food sensitivities. I never imagined a superfood that I ate almost every day could be causing my condition. I eliminated kale from my diet and my voice was back to normal within days"

Anne N.

"Bob just told me he is feeling a good amount better for the past two weeks, but was waiting to see if it lasted! I swear it's the changes you've had us make and the supplements. I've learned so much about fatty acids, glutathione, keto diet, etc. After watching Broken Brain I think you were 100% spot on. I am so grateful for your guidance!!!"

Karen E.

"I just thought to check on my psoriasis (a small patch just underneath my hairline – so not visible).  I think it may have cleared!!!!  I’ve had that patch for years.  I think you are my hero!”